When a young ladybug gets trapped in a cardboard box shipped to the Caribbean, his father sets off for Guadeloupe to rescue him and save others from a human construction site, in this charming film based on the same creative universe as the Minuscule animated series.


Contemporary World Cinema

Minuscule - Mandibles From Far Away

Thomas Szabo, Hélène Giraud

Following Valley of the Lost Ants (2014 TIFF Kids Festival), this new chapter in the ongoing series of eye-popping insect odysseys is the most dazzling adventure in the Minuscule universe yet.

Just as winter begins to blanket his sleepy village, a little ladybug cozies his way into a chestnut factory and finds himself accidentally trapped inside a shipment heading for the Caribbean! His parent, through some quick investigative work, figures out the little guy’s exotic destination and sets out on a heroic overseas journey to rescue his beloved offspring.

The mission gets more complicated when the father ladybug learns that his son’s new Caribbean home is on the verge of being demolished by a massive construction project. Along with some help from an old pal who comes sailing to the rescue, this crew of colourful teensy heroes develops an elaborate plan to save a precious patch of rainforest.

This innovative combination of real landscapes and animation offers some of the most immersive images imaginable. Told without dialogue, Mandibles From Far Away is a microcosmic tale with maximum excitement — one that will keep you glued to your seat and buzzing with delight.


Recommended for ages 6+

This film is TIFF Kids–approved! Entertaining and illuminating stories from around the world for the whole family.


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